Wise Acre Eatery


Wise Acre gift certificates are available for any amount. These tokens of love take the work and guesswork out of giving, and they show off your exquisite taste. Who wouldn't relish a gift from the Wise Acre Eatery? You can order on our online shoppe. Also feel free to stop by the eatery or call in your request to 612.354.2577 and we will gladly send them to you or to the recipient anywhere in the world.

The Wise Acre is full of goodies for you to take home for your kitchen, cooking library, and pantry, or to give as gifts, including our famous bacon by the pound, frozen custard, Castle Rock Organic Dairy, hand-rolled butter, rendered fats, soups and chowders. Plus a great library of cookbooks and magazines to inspire your own from-scratch cooking.

Check out our Holiday Gift Packages available on our Online Shoppe. Choose from 4 great options that would make a great hoiday gift. Please note that online orders will need to be picked up at Wise Acre Eatery. 

Milk by the bottle                                                           $4/6 + $2 bottle deposit*

grass-fed organic, non-homogenized dairy from Castle Rock Dairy

Bacon                                                                                  $13 /pack

Shoulder Bacon                                                    $11 /pound

Pork Chop                                                     $6 /pound

Cured Boneless Ham                       $6 /pound

Ham Steak                                                                    $6 /pound

Pork Roast                                           $5/pound

Heritage Ground Pork                                  $5/pound

Heritage  Pork Tenderloin                       $8/pound

Smoked Sausages                              $10/pack 

Summer Sausage                                                  $10/pound

Scottish Highland Ground Beef      $7/pound

Hot Dogs                                                                            $8/pack

Scottish Highland Beef Roast             $5/pound

Whole Pasture Raised Chicken      $4 /pound

Chicken Breasts                                 $6.99/pound

Chicken Thighs                                   $4.99/pound

Chicken Wings                                    $3.99/pound

Chicken Drumsticks                          $3.99/pound

Whole Pasture Raised Turkey         $4.50/pound

Whole Pasture Raised Duck               $6 /pound

Butter by the pound                                                          $6 /pound

Rochdale Farms' salted, old fashioned, hand-rolled butter is the best & almost as good as Scott's mom used to make on the farm.

Frozen Custard                                                           $6 /pint

Made with Castle Rock dairy, Ames honey, egg yolks, + quality vanilla, chocolate, and fruit - Custard with integrity!

Granola                                                                                 $8/half pound

Caroline's special recipe! Good for you and relatively addictive

Tangletown Popcorn                            $10/pint

Be ready for movie night with popcorn grown at the farm

Heirloom Dry Beans                                              $7/pint

Grown with love at our farm and oh-so-good. Darn tootin'!